Hair Growth Treatment

   ·     Platelet Rich Plasma   

 - Non surgical face lift in Aesthetics - also known as Vampire Treatment 

      - £500

  .  Lotus Roller - absolutely painless superior skin micro-needling technique can increase collagen production by up to 1,000 % in a single treatment. 

     With highest assurance of quality and sterility to guarantee excellent skin needling results and ensure your piece of mind, using organic anti aging extracts it is particularly helpful for:

 -collagen induction,

- hyperpigmentation,

- Cellulite,

- stretch marks,

- Rosea, Acne,

- also as Botox Detox.

It can be used on many parts of your body specially face with decolletage, hands, thighs.

     -£250- courses of treatments are available ( 6 recommended ) and will be individually priced.

  .  Hair Growth Treatment - female & male

 Through hair follicle stimulation by micro-needling and best organic hair growth extracts to stem cell boost by your own autologous system over 12 weeks procedure can make you look out for your new hair in half a year.

Eligible client - generally good health, no systemic disorders, non-smoker, healthy life style

       - £500 plus free consultation


   ·         Bach Flower Massage 

      Bach Flower Remedies are more homeopathic than herbal in the way they work, effecting energy levels rather than       chemical balances .They are liquid energy that encapsulate the flowers healing energy and deal with mental and           emotional states to relieve blockages in the flow of human energy that cause illness.

     - 1hour - £65

   ·         Holistic Body Massage  

the benefits:                                     

     Healthy, Firm Skin-Total Relaxation-Release Of Pains And Aches/Tension-Improved Blood Circulation-Improved      Immunity Function-Improvement In Physical And Mental Fatigue-Toxin Elimination-Decrease In High Blood              Pressure-Improved Breathing-Improved Bowel Movement And Reduction Of Ibs Symptoms-Improved Sleep-              Improved Concentration-Clarity Of Thought-Increased Energy Levels-Improved Posture-Relief From Eye Strain,        Headaches And Migraine-Explore Your Body In Different Way-Feeling Stronger , Have The Power To Work On          Yourself (Diet, Physical Fitness, Spending More Time To Please Yourself)- And Many Many More

Treatment prices include particular emphasis on problem zones 

Any problem zone treated separately and only - £1 per minute 

        - 1hour15min - £80

   ·         Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub & Wrap  

      Sweetens your day as a gentle body exfoliator that polishes skin's surface, removing cellular debris. The richly             scented formula contains the exclusive Giovanni Pure Organic Technology 

        - 1.5hour -£100

  .    Organic Beauty Enhancer 

- cream base containing collagen type 1 & 3, Hyaluronan of the purest quality and low molecular weight. 

  .  Vitamin C Serum

- natural antioxidant and perfect exfoliator.


Please Be Aware Of Cancelation Policy And To Avoid Being Charged 100% Make Sure You Cancel Any Booking At Least 48 Hours before the scheduled appointment